Friday, July 03, 2015

Joyce's Birthday 2015

Yet another family birthday celebration and this time round, we shall celebrate the 39th birthday of the eldest among us three siblings!

Okay, i admit such postings are usually to post more pictures of Jovyn and Jerald and trace their growth and developments over the years, and also to confirm that Joyce has had the same sofa set for the past few years. 

Anyway, here's the birthday girl who would be reaching her big 4 next year! She doesn't look her age and is blessed with the elixir of youth compared to her younger brother and sister, 

The full family portrait! 

Start of the customary four versions of happy birthday song; i am in charge of phototaking while videotaking is under the care of Louise! Frankly, i believe the main bulk of Joyce's iPad and iPhone memory space is filled with videos of birthday celebrations! 

Candle blowing - as expected, the two kids were much faster and blew out the candles way before the birthday girl! Tsk tsk tsk, must train them to be more polite! Haha

Thankfully she did manage to cut the cake although the experience was still shared with the kids, which she didn't mind at all. As i mentioned before, birthday celebrations are more for the two brats who totally enjoyed them, like most, if not all, kids do. 

Happy Birthday, Joyce!
Thanks for being a great sister all this while! 


On this Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence cake, we were absolutely pleased with it; the balance of white and Belgian chocolate brought out the right sweetness and taste with a soft texture that wasn't dense like those from supposedly famous chocolate cake shops.  

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