Monday, July 27, 2015

Choo Choo Chicken (츄츄) Wings & Drumlets - An Alternative To The Forever-Long-Queue 4Fingers @ Bali Lane [Parallel Lane to Haji Lane]

To be honest, i wasn't keen in writing this blog post on Choo Choo Chicken as our full tummies that day meant we could not order anything substantial enough to warrant a more comprehensive review.

Nevertheless, i tried not to waste the photos i took that day in this humble restaurant with decor that seemed rather underwhelming compared to the instagrammable Stateland Cafe two doors away. 

With a respectable five flavours to choose from (crispy, soy, sweet, spicy garlic), we were at a loss on which to choose for our eight pieces of wings and drumlets! On the menu, it was stated as only one flavour allowed but the friendly staff allowed us to select two flavours! So kind of them!

Here they are; i am wondering how i should review the chicken here as we only ordered wings and drumlets. It would not be fair to pass judgment on chicken parts known for their lack of meat!

Anyway, we went with sweet and crispy; flavours we guess would be rather "safe". I also figured that one suitable comparison i could make was with 4Fingers even though i usually have their soy and chilli flavoured wings and drumlets! 

In a nutshell, the crispy was good yet i found no exceptional flavouring amidst the crisp while the sweet wing / drumlet was a surprisingly too sweet for my liking. Set against 4Fingers, my verdict was that 4Fingers still has an edge over Choo Choo Chicken.

Of course some of Choo Choo Chicken fans would cry foul over the unfair comparison as soy and chilli could not be compared to crispy and sweet. Yes yes, i hear you and believe me, i would check out the other two flavours for a fairer comparison. Soon. 


33 Bali Lane

Operating Hours
11.30 am to 11.00 pm
[Last Order @ 10 pm]

Wing & Drumlet (8 pieces) - S$16
[Could not remember if GST or Service Charge was imposed]

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