Friday, July 31, 2015

Chong Pang Bedok 511 Main Branch - Pork Satay & Chicken Wings @ Bedok 85 Food Centre [Singapore]

My memory does fail me sometimes and i would neglect to check out my blog on food i might have tried out yet wasn't personally impressed with as in the case of the fried oyster at Whampoa Drive but in this instance at the famous bedok block 85 Fengshan food market, i was very sure i had sampled the too-healthy Lin Yuan Satay before and hence, opted for another stall with a name that left me puzzled.

Initially, i thought this was Chong Pang Satay. A closer look revealed it could be Bedok 511 Main Branch (which kind of threw me off a bit) or even Soon Lee Heng! So which was which?! I didn't ask although my suspicion told me the stall could have sourced the items from various reputable companies and what matters most was their skill in cooking the food for sale.

With just me and my mum, we were rather pessimistic on how much we can take and ordered only ten pork satay sticks and two BBQ chicken wings, in addition to the bak chor mee (soup)

Unlike Alex, i am no big fan of char-grilled chicken wings and two factors would determine my review of the cooked wings; first is definitely the marination which should preferably be honey-based and two, the texture of the skin. 

This texture was great; thin skin that had a slight crisp. Marination wise, it could benefit from a sweeter infusion although on the whole, i could not deny the fact that i did enjoy the smoky flavour. 

Now on the satay; this was actually my second visit to the stall and i must admit the first time i had the satays were much better. So much so that i commented to a friend that they were tastier than the accolades-filled Lin Yuan Satay.

Having said that, they were still good; just that the meat appeared to be tougher, likely the result of sitting in a tad too long on the grill. The chunks continued to be thick, the pork fats were generous and the marination was definitely acceptable.


85 Bedok North Street 4, Stall #01-06,
Fengshan Centre, aka Bedok 85 Hawker Centre 

Pork Satay - S$0.60 (minimum 10 sticks)
Chicken Wing - S$1.30 (minimum 2 wings)

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