Thursday, July 09, 2015

Chir Chir 치르치르 Chicken Fusion Factory (Korean Style) @ 313 Somerset [Singapore]

Everyone in Singapore seems to be gushing over fried chicken and despite already having Kentucky Fried Chicken, Texas Chicken, Arnold's Chicken, it's THE Korean style fried chicken that is gaining immense popularity!

Chir Chir Chicken was one of them and it's hard not to be taken aback by the snaking long queue right outside! Thankfully i decided to join the queue while waiting for my sisters and mum to arrive!

It was about 40 minutes from queuing to getting a table! Visit before 5.30 pm (on weekdays) and you might be able to get a table immediately.

The entire place was decorated with images / statues of chicken (and its offspring) as if to bestow the highest honour to the poultry for sacrificing its meat for the bottomless tummies of humans.

Whatever the case, i do love fried chicken myself and i must say i totally love the attention the restaurant paid to improve the dining experience of consumers! This was something that should have been a standard in fried chicken eateries; a "dustbin" for the chicken bones!

Another item caught my fancy; i am so not referring to the forks that were lying innocently on the stacked plates. I do recognise a fork, if that's what you are thinking.

This was the item; i didn't need explanation from the staff to know what this was used for although in my honest opinion, this was a downright insult for the poor chicken killed to be my dinner.

Chir Cream Beer
I am not known to be a beer drinker but i could not resist ordering this as there was at least a glass on every table! In addition to tasting almost nothing like the normal bitter beer, it was blessed with the smooth creaminess that was well received by my throat.

Mango Salad
Salad is a common staple nowadays whenever the Teo family eats out. I still have my reservations since i could easily have the same thing at home at a fraction of the cost!

Nevertheless, it was the first on the table and quickly devoured by us; the juicy mango cubes were sweet and even the blueberries were not as sour as many in the market.

Fried Chicken (Half Spicy, Half Crispy)
The star of the night! As we could not decide if we should go for the crispy, the spicy or the garlicky, the staff advised us to go with the mix fried chicken. Good choice!

That's how you use the metal chicken claws to hold your food; very convenient, incredibly easy to use and i don't have to dirty my hands at all.

Now, speaking of the chicken; the meat was succulent, filled with juice and its freshness was without question; at least among the four of us. The spicy one was hot enough but do note it was a surface spiciness; unlike the infused spiciness some of you might think it to be.

The crispy chicken wasn't as flavourful and i could feel the subtle powdery texture on the crust. In this respect, i would put my vote with Arnold's Chicken instead.

For enhanced flavouring, dip the chicken into the mustard sauce! I didn't know it gel so perfectly with the fried chicken and literally cleaned up the entire content!

Nest Snow Chicken
Another favourite according to its presence on the tables of other patrons; i think it was more the appearance that enticed many to make an order.

Cheese didn't have that pull on me unlike smelly tofu and i was mildy surprised that the guilty combination of cheese and fresh whipped cream was rather palatable!

A pity that the cajun seasoned chicken tenders were too for my liking; the three ladies felt the taste was alright but agreed that this should be served last as it really filled up the tummy, leaving no space for other dishes! 



313 Orchard Rd, #B3-04/05/06,
313@ Somerset [Above Somerset MRT]

Facebook Page

Chir Cream Beer - S$13.90
Mango Salad - S$11.90
Fried Chicken (Half Spicy, Half Crispy) - S$28.90
Nest Snow Chicken - S$32.90
Warm Water - No Charge
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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