Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cheap Cheap Cheng Tng @ He Cheng (何成清汤) - Block 4A Woodlands Centre Road Hawker Centre

It was a day suspected to result in food coma at the end but so long the Great Kon was involved, our stomachs will automatically become a bottomless pit! 

With that in mind, let me bring you to He Cheng Cheng Tng at a hawker centre resided within the once-bustling old town centre near the Woodlands causeway.

My tummy had only space for the seafood soup we came for yet when the persuasive Kon mentioned a super cheap cheng tng at only S$1.20 a bowl, my weak mind thought it would not harm by having a small serving to quench my thirst in today's bloody hot weather.

I got an even better deal; this bowl of cheng tng was priced at an unbelievable S$1.00! Gosh, when was the last time i had such economically priced cheng tng!?

The ingredients were not as classy as the one from Bedok Corner; however, they were aplenty and you still get your usual dried longans, sweet potatoes (nice), barley seeds. jelly bits and even ginkgo nuts (natural tasting, likely not from a can)! 

Of course, the taste of the soup could not be compared to the much more expensive Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng @ Bedok Corner although at only S$1 for decent tasting cheng tng, why should i be complaining!?


Block 4A, Woodlands Centre Road,
#02-58, [Old Town Centre Near Causeway] 

Cheng Tng (Cold) - S$1


  1. Cedric12:08 PM

    They shift to the new hawker beside woodlands swimming pool. Marsiling Mall #01-55, still very yummy

    1. Shall pay them a visit soon! Thanks for your information, Cedric! :)


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