Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The So-Called Best Beach in Singapore @ Lazarus & Seringat Islands [Singapore]

I am never that optimistic when people said there are good beaches in Singapore. C'mon, wait till you get to Maldives and you would then understand the true definition of a beach; clear, turquoise water, white sand that radiates and massive abundance of marine creatures! 

Nevertheless, i guess it would be worth a try to check out the rumoured best beach in Singapore! And this would bring all of us to Lazarus & Seringat Islands! p.s. just walk along the unofficial path / follow the crowd. 

This is it; frankly, not very impressive although this would likely be ranked top if you consider the inaccessibility of the other islands surrounding Singapore. 

Things might improve though; the southern islands have been targeted as a holiday destination and the undeveloped beach would likely see more amenities (having washroom / shower facilities would be good) and well, better maintenance. 

The crescent shaped beach was reclaimed land, i think, since it encroaches both Lazarus & Seringat Islands and to me, that's really nothing scream about. Anything man made should be perfect or more of less there. 

Okay, there might be some bias since i am not really a beach person. I like water activities like snorkeling but you would seldom catch me relaxing on a beach. I would prefer to unwind in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. 

Not everyone has the same thinking as me; these groups of visitors were totally enjoying themselves! Those chartering private yachts could also dock the boat in the middle of the lagoon and venture to shore.

We strolled towards the direction of the breakwater on your right and it's not hard to notice the black speckles on the beach; thinking they were the result of pollution, i was lamenting in my head that this could never be of world-class standard.

Speckles would be the wrong word to describe the black stuff; they had a conical shape! 

Seashells and there were thousands of them! I wonder if they are edible and would taste nice in a bowl of hot kimchi soup! Mustn't waste mah! 

Snorkeling was one activity we were prepared for even though we eventually gave up the idea as the water wasn't exceptionally clear and after Maldives, the water was simply not inviting enough.

Atop the breakwater - this structure is essential for the survival of the coastline; with heavy sea traffic comes sand erosion! 

Caution sign for the yachts! Oh, i could think of another reason why we were not keen in snorkeling; the tide was pretty high! Guess i would have to check out the tide schedule before we arrange for another visit. 

View of Seringat Island which faced the coastal skyline of Singapore. For those who are unaware, the three islands of Saint John, Lazarus and Seringat are now connected and i am speculating a new name in the near future.

My navigation skill wasn't bad and i can already identify the island towards the other end of the breakwater; Kusu Island! Interested to know more about the turtle island? Click here

Journey to be continued! 


How to get to Lazarus Island?
Take the ferry from Marina South Pier to Saint John Island. Each ticket cost S$18 for an adult and S$12 for those below 13 years old. From Saint John Island jetty, walk 10-15 minutes to the beach. You may refer to the route as above in blue. 

Ferry Schedule
Click here

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