Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Outback Steakhouse @ Millenia Walk [Singapore]

"A hungry man will eat anything" - and a famished man would likely feel that the first edible thing to enter their gut is the most delicious. Or so i thought when i finally step into a restaurant for brunch at 4.15 pm.

The search for steak brought me to Suntec City Mall where the Japanese restaurant i had in mind was closed from 3-6pm and the almost wobbly walk to Marina Square resulted in disappointment as hippopotamus restaurant grill had closed down for good.

Thankfully, i remember a particular steakhouse with its signature neon signboard; Outback Steakhouse! Given the condition of an almost empty stomach, i believed i could eat a horse!

With much impatience, i was rapid in ordering! The one item high on my priority would be a slab of steak and it didn't take me long to decide on the comfortable New York Strip which was labelled as the "most flavourful steak available"!

Two sides can be chosen from the list appended above and again, i opted to go with my usual fresh seasonal veggie and corn on the cob.

I was almost on the verge of tearing when the waitress served the complimentary bread; it was soft in the insides with a thin exterior crisp. Tear it apart, put it in the yummy butter (said to be homemade buttermilk butter) and it was such a stomach warmer! Very delicious and this is coming from a man who only loves bread with filling.

Coco Berry Smoothie - an enlightening drink that was similar to drinking pineapple from the can, mixed with strawberry milk that ended with a subtle trail of coconut aroma!

New York Strip - was about to eat it whole and stopped myself in time from behaving like a barbarian! Let's talk about the sides first. One word; normal. I thought both were more appetising back at Astons Specialities.

I prefer my steak to have a medium doneness for that touch of blood to satisfy the beast in me and i was pretty satisfied with the texture at Outback. Flavour wise, it wasn't unexceptional and i could blame my lousy taste buds for identifying traces of salt and peppers. For S$36.90, i would have expected more. 


Service wasn't up to mark; bread came together with steak which might be excusable but when we asked for our dessert to be served and waited for more than ten minutes before getting to know that it hadn't even been prepared, i knew i had no more mood for sweet things.  

9 Raffles Boulevard, 
#01-114, Millenia Walk
[Promenade Station, Circle Line]

Coco Berry Smoothie - S$6.90
New York Strip - S$36.90
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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