Wednesday, April 08, 2015

German Girl Shrine [Nadu Kuniang aka Berlin Heligtum Shrine] - In the Midst of Rebuilding @ Pulau Ubin [Ketam Mountain Bike Park]

Not many friends share my interest in the paranormal realm and this partly explained why i had never been to the German Girl Shrine in Pulau Ubin despite making quite a number of trips since young. 

However, i was lucky a few days ago - i brought along a foreign friend who knew nothing about the shrine and as expected, it didn't take much effort for me to persuade him we could check out the mountain bike park at the same time! 

Rebuilding was in progress until 14 October 2015; the expected date of completion. Guess i have to seek another willing sacrifice. Haha. 

Anyway, there was a temporary shrine next to it and knowing me; i had better make full use of the time i was there to check it out and then blog about it. 

For those who are unaware, the temple honours an ang moh girl who apparently tripped and fell to her death when her family (being German) was pursued by the British during World War I. Villagers started praying to her remains and some won the lottery; hence adding to its popularity.

Her grave was actually located nearer to the cliff (which i presume to be the current Ketam Quarry) and exhumed in the 1970s when the government needed the area for granite excavation. The shrine was hence constructed at the location where it is now in the midst of being rebuilt. 

I have heard and finally saw it with my own eyes; as with any Chinese temple, you would have a statue of the resident deity but the one here in German Girl Shrine was a doll; likely a barbie! 

And it can be easily replaced too; just go to Toys"R"Us. I noticed from this video that the doll on the main altar had a different expression and style. Scroll to minute 3.50 and you would see the barbie above (yes, the same one) in a box. 

Worship a child god and you would have to offer him sweets and toys. In this case, you would have to prepare cosmetics, clothes; items befitting a girl who passed away at the tender age of 18! 

This kind of perfume is too outdated lah! Wish to have some luck in lottery? Show your sincerity by buying a bottle of authentic Coco Chanel! There was supposed to be an urn containing the ashes of the German girl after she was exhumed but it was unfortunately stolen (god knows for what), together with a silver crucifix. 

Found this stone that had offerings too. It's only now that i realised there appeared to be some metal pieces jutting out from the stone! Previously, i thought it could be similar to the mysterious 4D stone at Loyang

Want to contribute to its building funds?


Ketam Mountain Bike Park
[Look out for the sign post]

As above in blue. 


  1. wow...looks awesome...

    1. Go and pay it a visit then! :) Do it after October when the new temple is up.


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