Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Revisit to San Low Seafood Restaurant (三楼海鲜园) @ Jalan Biru [Near Plaza Pelangi]

It definitely wasn't my first time to San Low Seafood Restaurant and friends who know me well are aware i don't normally give a second review unless there's something new on the menu or i must be really impressed!

All photographs in this post were taken in my most recent trip and i must say i finally got to understand what the Great Kon meant when he was gushing to us about the good, old taste of the signature San Low bee hoon.

Steamed Sotong
Gonna share with you on the above first - steaming is the best way to determine the freshness of seafood and this 400-gram baby sure didn't disappoint.

The meat didn't stick to my teeth (which was often the case when it comes to squid), was tender yet came with a QQ texture and had a flavour that was deliciously fresh! Maximum pleasure to be derived when you had it with the chilli!

Prawns Sauce Chicken
While the common Singapore's version was more wings and drumlets, the one in San Low was chopped up chicken. Taste was a notch better than average although i would still prefer Singapore's juicer and way oilier version!

Cotton Rose Fried Egg
Why is this called Cotton Rose?!?!?! Anyway, this was better than the first time i had it even though there was still a lack of wok-hei. However, the mushier insides coupled with more squid meat and char siew appealed to me better.

San Low Fried Mee Hun
One look and i know this would be different from the three times i have had the mee hun; darker, wetter and the irresistible aroma that surrounded the plate. This is by far the tastiest i ever had with an intensive flavour helped by a rich infusion of wok-hei! 

It was so good; i am salivating while thinking about it now.


Jalan Biru off Jalan Merah, 
Taman Pelangi 80400, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Opening Hours 
4.30pm to 1.00am; not true as i was there once at 4.30pm and they were not open for business. My recommendation is to go at around 5.15-5.30pm.

Contact Number
07-3323869 / 07-3343623

Steamed Sotong - RM5.50 per 100 gram
Prawns Sauce Chicken (M) - RM16.00 
Cotton Rose Fried Egg (S) - RM7.00 
San Low Fried Mee Hun (M) - RM9.60 
[Subject to Government Tax]

Additional Information
Parents with young children can make use of the playground so that they can eat in peace! The two persons that came to mind were obviously the hyperactive Jerald and Jovyn! 

For my first review of San Low, click here


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Cotton Rose Fried Egg (芙蓉蛋) and Prawns Sauce Chicken (虾酱雞) is wrong.

    1. Noted with thanks! Rectified. :)


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