Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holy Cow - An Ice Cream Creamery Cafe in the Midst of Yishun Neighbourhood?! [Opposite Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea]

With ice cream cafes sprouting out like mushrooms in old estates, i was wondering when it would be Yishun's turn to have one to call our own. Guess i didn't have to wait anymore with the opening of Holy Cow Creamery!

Darn i do love this name! It portrays an element of surprise, evokes curiosity for cats like myself and by one look, you would know there is an obvious relation with the animal that provides the main ingredient.

Crowd at 6pm before it started tapering off. There are now many people like me who prefers to have dessert before the main course! 

Counter seats facing the main passage are getting real popular nowadays among cafes. Over here, people watching shall include a more local touch; aunties in gaudy wear dragging their shopping trolleys and men in singlets (wearing slippers and likely picking his nose).

Offering unique flavours are also the new norm for ice cafe cafes to stand out in this highly competitive industry; the pungent mao shan wang is almost a guaranteed flavour everywhere and besides the aforementioned, Holy Cow also serves Thai milk tea, mr potato head (chocolate coated potato chips with salted caramel), Rudolph (cinnamon ice cream with finger bread cookie bits) and the Teochew traditional dessert; or-nee!

Both Alex and i were so unoriginal; we opted for the very safe French Vanilla and Honeycomb as waffle shall be the main focus. I will definitely try out the or nee next time! 

After paying S$9.00 for a serving of waffle + two scoops of classic flavour ice creams, it's time to anticipate the delectable aroma while twirling the cup impatiently.

Ten minutes later; this was placed on our table! 
Let's talk about the ice cream first. 

French vanilla seldom fails and this was the same case in Holy Cow; vanilla pod seeds dotted the surface and the well liked essence was noticeable from the first bite. Honeycomb was extremely smooth with just a tinge of honey; i didn't get the crunch of honeycomb and would have mistaken it as plain old vanilla if not for the subtle honey taste. The lovely things about both ice creams were their smoothness with an optimal, hard-to-attain, ratio of creaminess!

Waffle was surprisingly on the saltier side even though there was still that distinct buttery flavour. Having said that, the saltiness gel greatly with the sweetness of the ice cream. It could, however, benefit from a longer time in the machine; a crisp surface is always a nice welcome. 


Block 292, Yishun Street 22, #01-291
[Opposite Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea]

As above

Opening Hours
Tuesdays to Thursdays - 11am to 10pm
Fridays to Saturdays - 11am to 12 midnight
Sundays - 11am to 10pm
Mondays - Closed


As above.

Additional Information
Weekend brunch is available! I am not sure about you but for that pricing, i think i would be better off having my meals at the nearby coffee shop. 

Outdoor seating for those who loves the heat and humidity! 

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