Monday, December 15, 2014

Dong Am Sa Temple (东岩寺日出峰) @ Sunrise Peak [Jeju, Korea]

Upon reaching Jeju's iconic sunrise peak, my attention was immediately drawn to this temple nestled right in front of the crater mountain! Compared to its popular bigger brother, all was quiet at the temple known as Dong Am Sa.

Its neglect didn't seem justifiable for such a fantastic location and i guess it would not take much time to just take a look around before we drove off. 

I was right; the temple compound was really quite small and besides the uncle right in front of us, we didn't see anyone else! Maybe the day was too early for devotees to pay it a visit. 

Beautiful architecture; this reminded me of the "spot the difference" app in my phone which was a pain the ass when it came to spotting the differences for the category under "Korean Temples"! 

A statue of the laughing buddha.

Strangely, the characters were in Chinese and i can recognise 90% of them. A pity the temple appeared to be close and i didn't venture further. 

Love this photo as the sun was in fact right behind the bodhisattva, creating a somewhat mystical halo around the statue! Korea is quite notable for their temple stay and i think it would be a great idea for Dong Am Sa to explore the option; its location alone would be a big draw. 

For the summary of my inaugural South Korea trip, 
(Jeju and Seoul), please click HERE.

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