Monday, December 29, 2014

Celebrating Christmas Eve 2014 with the Family

I know this is a few days late but late is better than never, especially when this post contains photographs of both my niece and nephew; it's always good to show their physical developments every few months! 

My family isn't Christian although this lack of affiliation has never stopped us from celebrating the festival. Frankly, it was just a nice excuse for us to have a family gathering and eat to our heart's content! Yesh, it was Arnold's Chicken once again! 

Aside from food, we were as satisfied to see the joy radiating from both their faces when they received the Christmas presents.

The anticipation as they slowly tore apart the wrapper was worrying for us as we could not be too sure if they would like the items we got for them. I personally prefer to give money as this would allow them to buy what they want.

Fortunately, both appeared pretty pleased! 

Jovyn, however, got bored with her LEGO set after a while. She could not quite get the concept of building blocks and kept asking me to help her! Jerald, on the other hand, was quietly enjoying himself.

Log cake for desserts! I am getting so fat this festive season! Should i accept my colleagues' challenge and wean off deep fried food for a week? Hm... only if there is a worthy reward waiting for me....

Grandfather - granddaughter happy moment. Affectionately known as Yishun Gong Gong to both kids, my dad was the accommodating grandfather willing to pander to their every whim! 

The above brat has moved out of my house for close to a year now and it's hard not to notice the transformation in her; she speaks a lot more and continues to charm people, even strangers, with her chirpy cuteness.

Physically, she has grown tremendously too; topping the scale at 19 kilograms! Guess her nickname, bulldog cheeks, would be suitable for long term usage. :) 

Must talk about Jerald too in case anyone says i am prejudiced again! He is now in primary school and i could see that he is assimilating well. Furthermore, he is always the kind brother to bratty Jovyn; giving in to her unreasonable demands most of the times!

This Christmas, i have also decided to prepare a present for my beloved mom (it has never been much of a culture in my family to buy presents for one another except for the kids). Want to guess what it is? A new Redmi Note 4G!  

On a final note, i would like to thank my friends and colleagues for their lovely presents! In life, i treasure meetups more than presents; hence, let's meet up if time permits and gorge ourselves crazy over a nice meal! 

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