Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fan Xiang Western Food (芬香西餐) - Chicken Chop @ Beauty World Centre [Upper Bukit Timag Road]

I used to be obsessed with chicken chop in my teens and would purposely seek out those old school western stalls first before considering buying from other non-westernised stalls! 

One of the better ones actually came from a food centre located on the topmost commercial floor of Beauty World Centre along Upper Bukit Timah road and despite a lapse of over fifteen long years, the stall still sports the same old look as if time has never hardly moved forward. 

Having been exposed to a wide variety of cuisines and food over the years (no thanks to the Great Kon), i had to admit that even though there was a nice, nostalgic feel when i attacked the chicken chop; that incredible happiness derived from tasting a great piece of chop was simply nonexistent. 

Unlike the chop from Clementi hawker centre, the sauce in this instance was just not sensational enough while the marination for the meat was a tad too bland for my liking. The saving grace came only in the form of the deep fried golden bun! 


144 Upper Bukit Timah Road,
#04-53, Beauty World Food Centre

As above.

Only S$4.50 for the chicken chop


  1. nevertheless, this looks good!!!

    1. thanks! but taste matters most!!! :P


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