Sunday, December 15, 2013

Salted Caramel & Artisan Ice Cream Parlour - Waffle & Brownie @ 246F Upper Thomson Road

Salted Caramel has been on my radar since its inception in 2011 along Upper Thomson Road; a familiar area that has undergone a great lot of changes from the time i was working at the Pet Lovers Centre branch in Thomson Plaza until now.

I was there yesterday because a friend and i were looking for a place to have some late desserts and we needed it to be somewhere along the way home; we initially decided on this habitat coffee place but moved to Salted Caramel as it closes much later at 2am!

Made fresh in the store, this was a waffle that ranked high in my opinion for one simple reason; the thickness was extremely thin, resulting in a much crispier texture although the batter could do with more butter to enhance the flavour. Reserving my comment on the kahlua ice cream (my friend liked it though). Salted caramel was one of the better ones in the market that managed to strike a balance between the 'salty' and the 'sugary'.

As usual, i like my ice cream to go with brownie! Frankly, it was a bit too sweet for my ageing taste buds and for a spoilt 33 year-old man, i prefer to have nuts (preferably walnuts) in my brownie! The only saving grace was that it had a really soft and moist interior.

Even though the zesty yuzu garlic ice cream was a novelty for me, the bits of garlic jelly (i think) were once again too sweet, culminating into a sugar rush i seldom experience. Horlicks Tim Tam tasted as pleasing as it sounded but i could definitely like more tim tam in it. 


246F Upper Thomson Road
[Near Thomson Plaza]


Single Scoop - S$3.30
Double Scoop - S$5.60
Triple Scoop - S$7.90
Waffle - Add S$3.50
Brownie - Add S$3.50


  1. its a happening stretch! Lots of food and even ice cream; Udders is next to it =)

    1. definitely! would love to the mookata a few doors down! :P


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