Thursday, September 05, 2013

Nikon D7100 - Does the DSLR Camera have a better deal in COMEX, IT Show, PC Show or SITEX? A BIG NO!

As the saying goes, hold back all your IT purchases and buy them all in one shot at cheaper pricing during the quarterly computer trade fairs in Singapore, be it IT Show, SITEX, PC Show or the ongoing COMEX! 

That's NOT ENTIRELY TRUE and i am speaking from personal experience! 

As loyal readers are aware, i have been wanting to upgrade my DSLR camera for quite a while now but the model i had in mind (Nikon D7000) maintained a retail price that barely budged throughout the past one year! I waited and waited. The price did eventually drop; with the launch of D7100! 

Blooooooooody $#%&*%@! Anyway, i don't expect D7100 to have a massive reduction anytime in the near future and began sourcing for a good deal. That's when i visited the IT Expo last week.

Unlike the big four computer fairs, IT Expo was organised by Audio House (one single vendor) and i was very hesitant to fork out my hard-earned dough when COMEX 2013 is happening merely a week later. 

As a matter of comparison, you might want to refer to the above brochure for Nikon D7100 in this year COMEX (happening from 05 till 08 September 2013).

Now, refer to the handout for IT Expo a week ago. Same price, same free gifts yet the D7100 came with an extra S$100 direct deductible voucher (effectively reducing the price to S$2199), UV filter for the lens kit, wireless remote, another 32GB SDHC card AND an 8GB Toshiba WIFI card! 

Damn good deal right?! That's not all okay; instead of topping up S$159 for a 70-300mm lens, i managed to get the same lens for only S$101! Furthermore, the service staff threw in an additional battery and another UV filter for the extra lens! 

For all the extras, i am only paying S$2,300 for a Nikon D7100 at IT Expo. Of course i have to get it!!!!!!! And damn am i not regretting my decision!

The first picture taken by my new DSLR is dedicated to our utmost adorable brat; Jovyn the bulldog cheeked baby! 

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