Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom's Birthday 2013

Time passes really rapidly as one ages; it seems like only a few years have passed since mom celebrated her 39th birthday but that was in fact twenty years ago! 

The three children, including me, decided to take leave today on her actual birthday and drive her to Johore Bahru for a shopping cum massage trip! Shall blog on the food another day. 

We concluded the celebration by surprising her with a birthday cake that was secretly smuggled in from Malaysia. For those who are curious, it was bought from Lavender bakery and it tasted really delicious! 

As usual, the kids enjoyed birthdays the most! And the excitement peaks at the juncture when the candles are to be blown! 

A message for the mom

"Dear Mommy, i know i chatter nonstop but you know i am never one for mushy conversation. You might not have heard me say it for real but deep in my heart, i have always been appreciative and grateful for your unrelenting effort and loving care to bring the three of us up. 

You are the best mother i could ever ask for and all i ever hope for on your birthday is for you to live healthily and happily as long as possible. Okay, i know that's not sufficient; i would also pray that you win 4D and TOTO as often as possible!"

I love you mom!
Happy Birthday! :)

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