Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Full Moon - Finally In View Using the Camera!

Even though i have held on to a DSLR for quite a number of years, my photography skills were limited to using the programme function and letting the AI decide the best shutter and aperture for me. 

So, for quite a number of years, i can never quite get why friends are able to take and post clear pictures of a beautiful full moon when the best i can get was the above; a ball of bright light and that's it! 

Laziness aside, i never did attempt to check out with those friends, until recently during the mid-autumn festival when the moon would appear to be the brightest, roundest and fullest for the year! 

My first few attempts failed. 
The last few were somewhat successfully. 

There was a slight problem though.
I still don't know how i manage to get it right.
Time for an intensive googling session! 


  1. Ur exposure wrong. Try f/11, ISO100, 1/500s. Then play around with the shutter speed until u see the best effect

    1. Thanks for your advice! i shall check out the settings!


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