Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fried Oyster Egg @ Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd [Geylang]

Singaporeans have no lack of delectable food option and even if i might be craving for something at the moment, that urge to have it might just wane upon sniffing something delicious at the coffeeshop or even temporary food kiosks in shopping centres! 

The above would explain somewhat why i have been missing out on my favourite smelly tofu at Geylang. Another significant reason is that not many friends share my affection for fermented beancurd and whenever it was suggested as a possible site for meals, i would face extremely hostile objections... :(

Thankfully, there is the Gang of Four. 
p.s. Kon shared my love for smelly tofu btw. 

I am not going to say much of the signature smelly tofu as i have extensively talked about it in this blog for quite a number of times and there's seriously no point in me regurgitating things i have said before. Do click here which would lead on to another two more blog entries! 

What i am going to introduce today, is the fried oyster egg (honestly, omelette would be the more appropriate term). Fried in the style of Furong Egg (with the insides being incredibly fluffy and moist), this had the additional layer of being infused with the raw oceanic flavour originating from the oysters! 

This is coming from a person who detests oysters just as much as those disgusting cockles - the flavour was what i am looking for (think about it, some people can take durian ice cream but not durians; same concept)! Whatever the case, this plate packed in a lot of plump oysters! 

I, for one, would have requested for more eggs than oysters. 


795 Geylang Road
[Near Paya Lebar MRT Station]

Operating Hours
12 noon - 2am [Daily]

Fried Oyster Egg - S$10

Updated menu with eighty items to choose from! Kon strongly recommends the fried pig intestines; a dish i have yet to find the guts (pun not intended) to try. 

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