Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chendol In A Cup @ Kedai Nyonya Cendol [Number One Kopitiam], Malacca

In my last visit to the heritage town of Malacca, i simply could not locate the chendol place that my ex-colleague claimed to be the best! 

Knowing how crazy she is over food (and the claim that she downed eight bowls of chendol from various shops in one day), i knew i must find it somehow, somewhat in my most recent trip! 

Based on her description, i think i came to the right place; Number One Kopitiam which is directly opposite the chicken rice stall that is next to the crowded and ever popular San Shu Gong confectionery in Jonker. 

But, it's cendol served in a cup, and not in a bowl. That's kind of an anti-climax, especially when i purposely broke away from my other friends who were happily shopping in air-conditioned malls and rushed down to the place on my last day! I eventually decided to order purely because i didn't want to waste my trip down. 

This delicious sight of gula melaka trickling down to the cup of coconut milk with red beans and green cendol had a mystical soothing effect on me and for a moment, i was actually looking forward to having a sip!

Until the server started using a spoon to mix up everything to ensure uniformity. =_= Hallo lady, i would very much like to stir and mix myself so that certain parts are rich with sweetness and others are rich in coconut! 

Despite the lack of excitement, i have to admit uniformity might not necessary be a bad thing. Having the lingering aroma of coconut added with the sweet, slightly burnt fragrance of gula melaka down the parched throat on a hot day was indeed a blissful affair! 

The verdict is not out yet.
Not till i get my cendol in a bowl! 


No 1, Jalan Hang Jebat

Cendol in a Cup - RM 3.50

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