Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Ideal Purchase for My Ass - The Wellness Bidet

Today, i am going to touch on a very sensitive spot for most, if not all people; the asshole. You read right; it's basically and literally the little hole in between your butt cheeks!

Without getting too gross, i am going to get to the point and announce to the whole world that i finally got a bidet for the toilet bowl in my house! 

What exactly is a bidet, some might ask?

To put it in very simple terms, the bidet is a device that would help wash your asshole (after your big business) with water, which is gentler and cleans better as compared to toilet paper. There are other benefits i would love to gush (pun unintended) in this blog but i think you would benefit better by just clicking here.

So, my order from Qoo10 (formerly known as Gmarket) came within three days in a plain little looking white box. For those who are interested, i paid S$84, inclusive of the S$5 delivery charge. 

The website is although you can also purchase directly from the distributor via their website here. Do note that the price was higher than Qoo10 when i last checked. 

Expensive models with functions to warm seat and blow dry your asshole etc were available yet knowing my limited financial means, i would have to make do with the cheaper yet no doubt just as effective one; the non-electronic version. 

Installation was a breeze! 

The instruction leaflet was given for a reason; treat it as a valuable guide and follow every step carefully. Disregard it and you would likely get urine and shit water on your body! You could of course pay a nominal sum of money for a professional (honestly, you might as well just pay me) to install the bidet for you. 

Frankly, shitting has never felt so blissful in my house.
p.s. i know i have an ugly toilet bowl. 

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