Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saizeriya Restorante E Caffe - As Good As I Remember @ City Square Mall [Singapore]

Craving for specific stuff does encourage me to travel to certain places even though the location might be inconvenient. Without being my usual naggy self, i was actually craving for the mee siam at Royals Cafe last week. 

The branch is no longer there. 

Mom wasn't that keen to try Italian fusion cuisine at first but was eventually persuaded to enter Saizeriya after walking around the entire shopping mall without any decisive decision! 

It was lunch time yet the restaurant was less than half filled; an uncomfortable scenario that always makes me missed a beat or two. What if the quality has deteriorated and mom would not have enjoyed the food as much as i did in the past?

Thankfully, that was definitely not the case

Baby Octopus Arrabiata 
I have no idea how to eat this as there was no bread, nor pasta or rice in it. And as a soup, it was overly savoury and rich for our palates! It was a pity as the submerged baby octopuses did a great job in releasing their delicious seafoody flavour into the tomato-based soup. A tad too spicy but still manageable for me. 

Order this plainly because this is most related to the Asian cuisine mom is generally comfortable with and most importantly, she enjoys seafood! 

The taste was a bit too bland for paella and i thought it would be more appropriate for it to be tagged as a cheese baked rice. Nonetheless, mom quite liked the paella despite the cheese (she finds it fattening!) and for only S$6.90 nett; the chef sure was generous with the seafood ingredients! 

US Sirloin
A steak?! Shouldn't i go with more interesting Italian food like risotto, spaghetti etc?! I did mention at the beginning of the post that when the craving starts, i can hardly control my action. 

Served medium cooked, it was a straightforward slab of delicious beef steak that oozed natural meat juices without excessive fanfare. 

And I absolutely love it! 

Chocolate Fondant
If i am eating alone, i might have given this a miss even though i am a slave when it comes to sinful desserts! 

But, mom was with me to share the sin (and the fats)! The chocolate sponge cake was served piping hot, an essential criterion to truly enjoy fondant and was a delightful dessert to go with plain vanilla ice cream! 

Sadly, the melted chocolate in the middle didn't gush out like lava of a volcano. Having said that, it was as sweet, as creamy and as satisfying as it should. 


180 Kitchener Road,
#B2-55/56, City Square Mall


Baby Octopus Arrabiata - S$5.90
Paella - S$6.90
US Sirloin - S$11.90
Chocolate Fondant - S$5.90
[INCLUSIVE of GST and Service Charge]

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