Thursday, August 29, 2013

Resurfacing of THE Black Carrot Cake [旺記四炒] at Block 156, Yishun Street 11 [Singapore]

I have always lamented the closure of my favourite carrot cake stall at this particular kopitiam in Yishun, especially when my continuous search for one of a comparable standard has been largely unsuccessful.

Hence, you can imagine how delighted i was when i saw the empty stall being taken up once again! It was not managed by the same couple but i figured it was a good omen to have it at the same location on a nice Saturday morning! And given my recent disappointments with black carrot cake, i doubt it can get any worse.

Visually, this is the exact kind of black carrot cake i am always referring too; the darker infusion of black sweet sauce, the oilier shine, the gooey texture and the appearance of little charred bits.

Two things can be improved; uniformity with the dicing (i have always enjoyed smaller pieces) and to be more generous with the eggs (this is easily remedied by requesting for extra eggs; chargeable of course)! 

The feeling i got as i took a spoonful was similar to finding something precious that i lost a long time ago; the sweeter delicious initiation followed by the heavier wok hei flavour that concluded with tiny bursts of salty chai po! 

It wasn't 100% the same as the previous stall even though i can confidently say that as far as flavour is concerned, it was hovering above a comfortable 75%, which is way better than the ones i had in recent times! 

I am so going to have a plate all for myself this Saturday! 


Block 156, Yishun Street 11,
Within 156 Eating House

Minimum S$2.50 a plate

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