Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Naughty Jovyn!

Complaints from me of my adorable little niece have escalated in recent months; no doubt the effects of her moving along the line to the Monster Three's phase. 

Although i am relentless in my complaints, i am also aware that the balance to my grouches is that i can take a whole bunch of photographs which succinctly reflect the quiet, moody and dark side of Jovyn who is otherwise known to be a jovial kid. 

Her naughtiness can no longer be tolerated! And who else is more suitable but the daddy to act as the absolute disciplinarian!

She expressed her stubborn defiance (the glare by the way, was inherited from her mother) yet at the same time, Jovyn didn't dare to make any movement that could potentially aggravate the situation. 

Thankfully (for her, not us), the stalemate didn't drag for too long.

Awwww so sweet right? However, we must nip her naughtiness in the bud before it grows into a bigger problem as she grows older. Guess it's time to hit the many books i have on canine discipline. 

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