Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jovyn - The Ultra Cutie Pie

My top ten blog posts consist mainly of food entries and that's predictable given how passionate many people are towards their food! 

However, as far as facebook 'likes' are concerned, pictures of Jovyn have a much higher hit! Hence, this post would be esspecially dedicated to her; once again. 

That's the amazing thing about children; they grow so fast and develop a different look, a different character (for better or for worse) in just a few months and it's never that boring to show their progress pictorially!

She's getting more mischievous but on the good side, she is the little happy fruit in the family and never ceases to make us laugh even after a tiring day at work (that's her putting a ball underneath her t-shirt). 

Her energy is amazing and i can truthfully understand why men would mature so much after having kids! The way that bundle of energy works us can be physically more tiring than working a 12-hour shift.

Mentally though; my life has never felt so rich before.
And no, i am not in a rush to get my own kids!

Unless it is shot gun! 

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