Friday, August 02, 2013

House on The Pier - An Unfruitful Visitto the Mysterious House @ Lim Chu Kang [Singapore]

Remember that mysterious abandoned house i saw at the end of my Lim Chu Kang road expedition

I have finally made time to have a better look with a group of colleagues from NUS! Contrary to 'public' opinion, no one was forced against their will to join this adventure! Read this again, NO ONE!

My sense of direction is not quite as horrendous as some of my friends (you know who you are) and it didn't take me long to figure out the location of the house; somewhere beyond the yellow historical marker. Which means i would bloody need a machete!

The first landing site for Japanese troops during World War II?! Where's the beach then?! Right in front was more a jungle likely to create a dengue epidemic! 

Another access was found after confirmation with operators of a nearby aquarium. The pathway wasn't as well protected as one would expect from state property; hence, we took our chance. :)

To be totally honest, this would be my second time on the quiet dirt path. I ventured this far the first time and stopped going forward because i was alone! Just imagine the danger of injuring myself, coming across a group of illegal immigrants or worse, stepping onto a bed of snakes! 

Having a group of friends accompanying me was definitely much more comforting; i had a much more relaxed time to enjoy the wildlife so abundant in this rural gem of Singapore.

Wildlife, in such insecure circumstances, is defined as all living things that have no potential of harming us. Put it this way, except for mosquito repellent, the most powerful weapon we have then was probably only my huge-ass camera! 
Oh my gosh! The same sentence ran through my brain twice when the alert Ms Thng stopped me in my track and pointed at the blackish reptile in the middle of the path!!! For those who are unaware, i have a great phobia of snakes. My greatest thanks to Ms Thng who has helped me avoid this calamity!

Destination in sight! Bad news though; the place appeared to be barricaded which means there would be CCTVs to deter intruders from moving further.

Side-track a bit - don't bother exploring if you are sensitive to smell. The whole area stank of decomposed materials in low tides!

Expected, CCTV in operation... 

Attempts to find a separate point of entry were sadly unsuccessful. Appended above was the best shot i had of the vicinity with no sight of the main building that attracted us in the first place! 

A heavy heart as we slowly trekked back to the car. :(


Two bloggers managed to gain access to The Pier before the place was fenced up. So for more pictures (envious), please click the following:
Interested to explore on your own? 

Check out the map where our route is clearly traced by the red highlighter. You may park your car at the end of Lim Chu Kang Lane 9.

Additional Information
We thought of paying a boat operator from the Lim Chu Kang jetty to send us to the house (it was only two hundred meters away). 

No go; the operators are mindful that the mysterious house is out of bounds and it doesn't help to have a police coast guard overseeing the jetty! 


  1. Hey Cavin,

    We met at Orientation on Wednesday :) Letitia told me that you are an avid food blogger so I decided to hunt you down, haha. :p I have to let you know that I absolutely LOVE carrot cake too!!!!!!!!!!! It's now Saturday morning and your entries about carrot cake are making me hungry. I blame you. zzzz.

    1. Hey Ms Seah! I like the black ones only; now tell me, where is the best one that your taste buds ever have?!?!?! Hehe. Add me on facebook; more pictures to make you hungry! :P

  2. Hello Cavin,

    When are we going for our hawker centre food expedition? =P

    Yours truly,
    'Saviour' T

    1. Ms Thng!!!!

      Hawker food?!?!!? Okay, we need more research on that! Sending you the list of hawker centres next week. Hahaha


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