Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Durian Lingers - Hopefully It's the Fruit, Not the Smell @ 155 Still Road [Joo Chiat]

Durian Lingers - it makes me wonder what the basis was for coming out with such a name when i am totally aware that durians are seasonal fruits and i doubt any sane person would want to have the smell of durians lingering in the car, house and office! 

Whatever the case, it was supposed to be an indulgent trip to Sindy for its quality Mao Shan Wang (Cat Mountain King) but as luck had it, it was closed and we had to make do with an alternative; today's Durian Lingers. 

Geylang, where there are quite a number of big operation durian stalls along the main street, was not even considered as i find the quality for the more expensive durian varieties to be very inconsistent each time i visit. 

Two of us, two stuffed stomachs. Nonetheless, we were quite confident we would triumph over this gigantic baby of over 2.5 kilograms! Damn, i seriously hate food challenges like this! 

Counting thirteen arils in total, my friend Jackie could now understand why MSW (Mao Shan Wang in short) is publicly acknowledged as one of the best durian varieties; sweet yet with a bitter aftertaste, fleshy and extremely creamy! 

One major grudge was that the seeds were not as small as the epic MSWs in Sindy. Another comment had to do with the varied texture; arils on one half were drier than the other! Tsk tsk tsk!

However, Durian Lingers offers a much more comfortable and spacious spot where you can gorge yourself crazy with durians while mocking at those motorists stuck in a jam along Still Road.

Prefer the nice indoors? No problem; do note that it is not air-conditioned though! 

Eating durians is a messy business and opening them can be a challenge! Hence, many people prefer to buy these readily packed durians and enjoy them in the comfort of their own house. Even though each pack was sealed with a thick layer of cling wrap, the smell would leak and i would strongly suggest you bring along a lock and lock container to pack them. 

For the benefit of everyone! 


155 Still Road

As Above

MSW - S$18 per kg
[subject to seasonal change]


Additional Information
Fresh durian ice cream is available! 

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