Friday, August 09, 2013

Discovery Touch Pool @ S.E.A Aquarium [Resort World Sentosa], Singapore

I visited S.E.A Aquarium again last Friday and this time, i am adamant i must have my way with the discovery touch pool; that's exactly how childish i can be at times although i always attribute it to a youngish heart.

Expectedly, it was crowded with loads of tourists and i waited for approximately ten minutes before reaching my turn to abuse fondle show my tender loving care for the absolutely loveable sea creatures. 

I wonder sometimes on the necessity to install an interactive touch pool for visitors; yes, it definitely has an educational value to it and i am sure the staff members on duty are doing their best to relay the information. However, humans are able to inflict considerable injury unknowingly when they are enthusiastic.

Public signs could only do so much! I feel so sorry for those poor animals in the water which would have to suffer much more in the hands of the homo sapiens, including mine. Hail the hypocrisy.

Enough of this animal activist's talk! The tiny pool contained only a limited number of sea creatures; unsurprising news given the space constraint.

Besides the giant knobbly sea stars, which weren't as gigantic as they should be, i was most taken in by the spongy pillow starfish.

Anyone can tell me what these are? Shark eggs! Readers who have read my post on the Underwater World in Sentosa might remember this piece of information. Next question, can anyone guess what species they belong to? 

Answer: bamboo sharks! By the way, bet you would notice the rock like creature next to the pup; not sure if i remember correctly but i thought it was called handshy crab, for obvious reasons. 

No, i didn't dare touch it (not the ray too). 


Located within SEA Aquarium. For a more informative post on other zones within the world's largest aquarium, please click here

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