Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bedok Corner Hokkien Prawn Mee [勿洛湾炒虾面] - Delicious As It Has Always Been @ Bedok Food Centre

Every hawker centre in Singapore has its own signature food stalls; bak chor mee at block 85, cheng tng at bedok corner, wanton mee at old airport road, nasi lemak at changi village, satay at clementi central etc etc. 

For such a small scale hawker centre, Bedok food centre is blessed with quite a number of good stalls; one of which is the hokkien prawn mee stall. If you are unlucky, as i was in numerous occasions, it might mean a wait of at least thirty minutes before you are handed your order! 

Compared to most stalls serving hokkien mee, there is one trait that stands out particularly from Bedok corner's version; the heavy usage of thinner bee hoon over normal yellow mee and thick bee hoon. 

Does that even make a difference? Definitely! For one, it does make eating noodles a lot easier with bee hoon. And i have always had the impression that bee hoon is nutritionally the least "fattening" among all noodles! 

Noodles aside, the prawn stock used to soak the noodles can only be described as richly flavoured and of 'gao-ness' guaranteed to whet your appetite! It was so delicious; i could actually neglect the lack of deep fried pork lard!


1 Bedok Road, Stall #29, 
Bedok Food Centre 

At least S$3 for a plate

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