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Another visit to S.E.A Aquarium - Includes an Unsatisfactory View of the Dolphin Island @ Resort World Sentosa [Singapore]

It has only been four months and i am back once again to S.E.A aquarium! This time round, it's a family excursion including the female brat; Jovyn (brought her along simply because her entry is free). 

Oh! Before i forget, please note that this post would not talk much about the attractions (except for Dolphin Island) as much details have already been covered four months ago in this blog. For S.E.A aquarium, kindly click here. For Maritime Experiential Museum, click here

Bringing a toddler has its benefits. The adults have the appropriate excuse to monkey around like a kid as such childish antics would most likely be overlooked by the general public! 

And it's Jovyn we are talking about; she seldom has any problem melting the heart of strangers, so long she doesn't throw her loud, screaming tantrums. 

In order not to disturb other visitors in the Typhoon theatre, which would have resulted in her screaming throughout the twenty-minute show, i had to sacrifice myself by luring Jovyn away from her grandparents and my sister so that they can enjoy the extraordinary experience.

Dad loving the shipwreck aquarium upon exiting the typhoon theatre! 

Both my parents actually thought the shipwreck was real and i had to explain that it's not the case. In a REAL ocean, a shipwreck would typically take ten years to evolve into a thriving marine habitat. 

Jovyn was intrigued with the underwater world, as most kids are. 

Entering the S.E.A aquarium proper - for those who are still confused at the moment, entry to the Maritime Experiential Museum is included in the ticket price for S.E.A Aquarium. 

A clean-up was conducted on that day/time we were there. I am not very sure what that blue tube is although it did seem like a suction tube that operates in the way a vacuum cleaner does.

The parents weren't too interested in the cleaning exercise; they were in fact discussing among themselves which fish in the aquarium can be eaten. =_=!!!

Oops! I have to turn off the flash on my camera?!? Even though it can be an inconvenience, i am glad to know that signs have been put in place to remind photographers to turn off the flash. However, the notice was placed on some tanks and missing on others; so, is the rule across the board or not? 

A snapshot of Jovyn; no, i have no idea why she had such a shocked expression! 

Doubt she was captivated by the beauty of the tank; it may be a fish that bears some facial resemblance to a person she knows.

Cuttlefish! Man, i love dried cuttlefish; how can they be so delicious?! Oh dear, i am behaving just like my parents! Anyway, i always have a great craving for seafood after a visit to an aquarium.

Want to guess why there were so many people crowding the two viewing panels in the photograph?

Dolphin island exhibit with the highly controversial purchase of indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins! 

Many visitors were scrambling to catch the sight of those adorable dolphins but there were no such luck as the tanks housing the twenty four dolphins were said to be expansive.

Honestly, the view was quite disappointing despite the hype of them as a major exhibit. Nonetheless, it is already cruel to imprison wild dolphins for the purpose of this aquarium and to deny them the space would be inhumane!   

At this point, Jovyn was no longer running around. It was already past her nap time and in addition, there was something growling in her body.

The hunger monster! 

I would love to have this octopus for dinner! It would be good to have it as fresh sashimi but i would be as agreeable to have it grilled, deep fried or steamed. Given the size, it is possible to have it cooked using all the aforementioned methods in one go. 

Enchanting jellyfishes that never fail to take my breath away. 

After her full bottle of milk, energy level was up for Jovyn. I didn't have to do much chasing as there were two capable ladies around; my mom and my sister!

To serve as a reminder, S.E.A aquarium currently holds two titles of the world's largest - aquarium and the viewing panel in the above picture.

I absolutely love these grumpy looking fishes! They hardly moved and all of them weirdly faced the same direction; i can draw the reference to a highly disciplined army of soldiers! 

Another employee cleaning the tank. I should quickly take my PADI certificate and maybe work part time in S.E.A aquarium for that extra cash! 

Last exhibit - the Shark Seas.

Sadly, there is no Great White. I would love to take more pictures here but Jovyn was getting cranky; apparently, a full bottle of milk was insufficient!

Ending the post abruptly with the Shark Seas viewing panel right outside the aquarium! 


A basic map of S.E.A aquarium. For a more detailed map (and more information on the world's largest aquarium), please visit my original post here

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