Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cheng Tng @ Qing Xiang Ting Hot & Cold Desserts [清香亭冷热甜品] - 22 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh Hawker Centre

On a warm and sunny day, it's hard to resist the temptation to simply walk past the dessert stall without buying anything! And it's all the more difficult when it had also been awarded a certificate of excellence "in the culinary arts on Cheng Tng"; a thirst-quenching sweet soup adored by many Singaporeans. 

I knew i have to get my hands on a serving even if it risks adding another kilogram to my weight! 

Priced at only S$1 a bowl, this would likely be the cheapest cheng tng you can ever get in Singapore! For my case, i topped up another 50 cents for extra gingko nuts; necessities for the ageing brain. 

Other than the low price, my taste buds could not make out what was so excellent about the cheng tng; there was barely the hint of longan in the broth, a main player for this dessert, with even mom commenting that it tasted like the thinner version of sugary syrup used for ice jelly! 

Maybe i should not be too fast to point the accusing finger at Singapore Media Press, the awarder of the excellence certificate as that certificate was dated seven years ago! 


Blk 22 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh #01-47, 
Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre

As above

Cheng Tng (Basic) - S$1.00
Above with Gingko Nuts - S$1.50

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