Monday, July 15, 2013

Mookata Thai Steamboat & BBQ - A Deal from @ Pure Restaurant [Golden Mile Tower]

That last mookata experience at Golden Mile complex left a deep impression on my palate and i could hardly contain my happiness when an ex-colleague suggested buying mookata deals from for our occasional meet-up.

Place: The Pure Restaurant at Golden Mile Tower. Please note that it is tower, not complex! A lesson learnt the hard way as the hungry eight arrived at complex only to realise it should be tower! 

The price of S$30 for two persons included free flow Nestea brand green tea (no, it's not Singha beer)! Kon would be glad to hear this as he is a big water guzzler and can easily down a full mug in mere seconds! 

As every steamboat and BBQ device can accommodate up to a maximum of four persons, you are given the option to top up S$10 each (up to a maximum of two) to add more ingredients to the standard set. 

What goes into a standard set? There were bacon, pork belly, pork liver, chicken slice (black pepper or garlic), plain chicken slice, prawns and squid.

This photograph is not showing the full picture as we were already halfway through the plate when i took it! Other ingredients in the set included cabbage, beancurd, fishballs, crabmeat stick, vermicelli and enoki mushroom! Plain rice was separately charged at S$1 a bowl.

How could i forget the soul and essence of all mookata; raw pork lard!

Let's start the ball rolling and get the juicy fat melting! Unlike the charcoal powered mookata at complex (which i blogged about here), the one here was conveniently powered by handy gas canisters.

Maybe this would explain why the meat at Pure restaurant, despite the wider variety, lacked that special smoky flavour. Nonetheless, my friends and i were still very satisfied with our food! 

The less smokey environment was also less stinging for the eyes! Most importantly, you don't leave with that disgustingly bad smell all over your clothes, hair and body after the meal! 

Chilli wise, it was good but not as extraordinary as the one from complex; i bet this has something to do with the reduction of sesame seeds in Pure.


6001, Beach Road, 
#01-56, Golden Mile Tower

As above

Call 8666-6675 / 6291-0029

As above. 

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