Sunday, May 05, 2013

Raining in the Singapore Strait - Taken from a Hidden Spot along Tanah Merah Coast Road

After a super heavy meal at 85 Bedok North, the Gang of Four decided to give the stomachs some rest in a more relaxed atmosphere at this hidden spot i blogged about a while ago. 

The feeling was therapeutic under the music of waves crashing against the stone barriers while our faces were lightly stroked by a gentle sea breeze as the sun slowly made its way home. Mmmmmmm....

That would have been a perfect scene with the exception of the huge storm cloud ahead of us. Nothing's worse than a big storm coming your way when you neglect to bring along any brollies!

Nonetheless, it was spectacular to have a blanket of rain performing right in front of you. If only i can see a few water sprouts... i have never seen them before!!! 

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