Friday, May 03, 2013

Placards Held During the May Day Protest 2013 @ Hong Lim Park [Singapore]

Once again, i have shot too many photographs and it would definitely take a bit more time before i can give a proper take on the protest organised by for Labour Day. 

In the meantime, i have sieved out twenty eight pictures of placards/signs/notices seen on that day at Hong Lim Park. By showing them in this blog doesn't necessarily imply i am agreeable to what was written or drawn. 

01 - man who was unhappy with the stop at 2 policy which had inevitably resulted in the current situation where our birth rate is one of the lowest in the whole world. 

02 - same man on CPF and high cost of living. 

03 - the importance of people power; i hope the gentleman meant election and not violent protest to overthrow the government

04 - local Singaporeans versus newly mint citizens; this has been a contentious issue in recent years. 

05 - a hot button issue for general election 2011. Honestly, i don't care whether it is public or world class transportation. What i desire is a transportation system that is reliable (minimal breakdown), efficient (on-time) and responsible to its commuters (i detest the lack of effective communication whenever there is a breakdown). 

06 - from quite a number of friends in the private sector who shared with me their personal experience on foreign PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) being given preferential treatment over locals, i would not be surprised to find this topic hotly debated in the coming years. 

07 - Singapore has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world but the wealth of the country is not well distributed among its citizens with a widening income gap. To be fair, it's not easy to tackle this problem that is also faced by many other countries.

08 - a quote by the late J. B. Jeyaretnam.

09 - short, sweet and to the point. 

10 - xenophobia is a term used frequently nowadays by supporters of the white paper. Defined as "an irrational or unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange", i am of the opinion that one must first rightfully define "irrational or unreasoned fear" in a specific context.

11 - this was already used in the last protest in February.

12 - is the government always wrong? 

13 - not exactly a placard for the protest although it did portray the meaning of participating in this protest; the love for Singapore.

14 - i understood the quote by the 32nd president of united states but what's the meaning with the drawings? Nice drawings by the way.

15 - a humongous label on a person's head! 

16 - the righteous man was actually holding on to the above two placards. Can't really agree with the one on healthcare though; the benefit of working in healthcare for the past one month. 

17 - some of the placards were tied to lamp posts. 

18 - and people sure loved the succinctness of their content! 

19 - like many participants, i wondered initially why there was a roll of toilet paper until i realised it was white in colour (hint: white paper and its obvious reference to throw it in the toilet bowl).

20 - the dilution versus the extinction of the Singapore core 

21 - and the supposed remedy at the back. 

22 - another placard on the income gap.

23 - hm.....

24 - translated to English, this would mean to pull Ah Long down the political stage in the next election. Ah Long, in this case, refers to the current prime minister of Singapore. 

25 - i am especially heartened to see the active participation by the younger generation; some of whom were barely ten years old. 

26 - pet peeve by many concerned Singaporeans even though i have never seen it as a major issue myself. 

27 - an elaboration.

28 - an abruptly written placard; guess he/she must be quite carried away by the speakers' speech! 

- to be continued with a proper post on the protest - 

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