Friday, May 24, 2013

Original Retro 60's Fruit Tea @ Jonker Street [Melaka]

I am not known to be adventurous with food and drinks but the constant bombardment of push carts selling retro looking bottles along Jonker Street proved to be irresistible when the weather was so bloody hot! 

At 1 bottle for RM 4.00 or 3 for RM 10.00, it was essentially apple tea mixed with either guava, peach, lemon or passion fruit flavouring, served chilled (which was the main determinant for my purchase). 


With the exception of Apple+Lemon, the guava and peach flavored apple tea tasted really nice (a strong infusion of tea without being excessively sweet and artificial) and a perfect thirst quencher under the scorching sun!

Okay lah, I admit the packaging helped in creating a positive feedback; it does feel kind of "right" to hold the bottle while strolling down the street where time seemed to have stopped decades ago. 

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