Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Luo Han Guo Drink with Longans @ Uncle Mok Jonker Walk [along Jonker Street in Melaka]

An unlikely rush of nostalgia struck me as i strolled past this unassuming drink stall along Jonker Street; dozens of shiny metallic bowls that used to be the standard drinking utensil for the well known Air Mata Kucing at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

When ask for a frank comparison to the famous Air Mata Kucing, Uncle Mok (the affable boss) was very straightforward in his reply; his version wasn't so sweet with the use of brown sugar! 

At only RM 1.00 a bowl (about S$0.40), i knew this would be one herbal drink i could hardly resist. Besides the wallet friendly price, we mustn't doubt the nutritional benefits of luo han guo (translated as arhat fruit); one of which is longevity! 

Honestly, it tasted more herbal than his competitor a hundred and twenty kilometers away and was definitely not as sweet. What's more important was that it still managed to work its magic by refreshing my parched throat under the hot and humid Malaccan weather. 

Don't play play! Uncle Mok has his own facebook account one okay! For those interested to quench your thirst, look out for his stall near the main permanent stage along Jonker street.

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