Friday, May 10, 2013

Lin Yuan Satay [林园沙爹] @ Bedok 85 [Fengshan Centre 凤山中心] Hawker Centre

One of the things i was craving for in the few months of unemployment was a plate of charcoal-grilled satay; a luxury i could ill afford when money continued to dwindled in my bank account.

Now that i have gotten my first pay; it is time for a pampering session even though excessive splurging is to be avoided as much as possible! Kwong Satay with its sinful pork belly satay would have been the topmost choice but i figured this Lim Yuan Satay plastered with awards and accolades should be a good substitute.

It was a mixed plate comprising of five sticks of chicken, five sticks of mutton and ten sticks of my favourite pork satay. Let's be frank; i have had better flavoured chicken and mutton satay.

"Lean yet tender, nicely grilled without being exceptionally charred" would be my opinion of the pork satay at Lim Yuan. Sounds good although this was where my gripe began. 

This was way too healthy; i love my pork satay that has at least two segments of fat (that glistened under the sun if possible) and comes with substantial charring. The aforementioned conditions are essential to truly enjoy this local dish!


85 Bedok North Street 4, Fengshan Centre, 
aka Bedok 85 Hawker Centre

Chicken Satay - S$0.50 a stick
Pork Satay - S$0.50 a stick
Mutton Satay - S$0.60 a stick

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