Saturday, May 25, 2013

金星上人图书馆 - A Cozy Buddhist Library in a Tourist Spot @ Malacca [Jalan Hang Jebat]

The Chinese characters [金星上人] on the signboard caught our immediate attention while we were searching for a place to indulge in some Malaccan chendol!

Translated roughly as the Noble Man of Venus, the Gang of Four was very curious on what to expect from the shop even though we were notified right at the entrance (via a wooden placard) that it was a library. 

What caught us by surprise were the decor and atmosphere when we stepped in. Decked in traditional Chinese furniture that was probably the rage decades ago, the entire environment was peacefully relaxed and cozy! 

Rules and regulations were in place to ensure correct display of Chinese virtues. Let me share with you a few; no using of your handphone, no eating and drinking, no chatting, speak softly if there's a need to talk, sit in an upright and graceful position and lastly, wear proper attire with at least knee-length skirts and pants.

A darn good place to remember the stiffing Chinese social traditions that are so out of place in modern times!

Nonetheless, members of the Gang did behave themselves and even took to searching the many bookcases for interesting books. For those who thought it would be filled with Chinese literature, we found English books as well. 

Unlike typical book rental shops, this library had numerous artifacts placed at nooks and corners; each appearance added a certain charm and character to the already historically rich shophouse. 

So who was this "Noble Man of Venus"? He was a Buddhist monk who passed away in 1980 and also the founder of the Malaysian Buddhist Association. 

Hence, this totally explained the zen feel that hit us as we entered the library, which was set up in memory of him. Compared to the usual noise and bustle along Jonker street, the existence of this comfortable abode only seeks to remind us to slow down our footsteps. 

And nothing's better than to immense ourselves in the company of Buddhist literature and scriptures. 

p.s. you can find other kinds of non religious books like nature and art etc. 


Along Jonker Street. I could not remember the exact address but if you enter Jonker Street from Hard Rock Cafe, the memorial library would be on your right. 

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