Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BlackBall (黑丸嫩仙草) - BlackBall Signature & "Jiu Fen" Taro Ball Crushed Ice @ Star Vista [Singapore]

The above logo has been appearing on my facebook feeds for quite a while now and being a strong supporter of local desserts; i don't understand the big fuss about having grass jelly in desserts.

A month ago, i thought i would finally find out when i stumbled upon the blackball branch at Star Vista, which was overrun with loads of customers! I failed to secure anything but this incident made me all the more determined to check it out.

Two weeks ago, i had my wish granted!

"Jiu Fen" Taro Ball Crushed Ice
Sadly, this iconic dessert that originated from the old town in Taiwan failed to live up to its name in Singapore. It was somewhat similar to the local cheng tng even though i would have gladly exchanged this for a sensational bowl of cheng tng from Ye Lai Xiang instead.

BlackBall Signature
Said to have four different ways to "enjoy an explosion of flavours" - i could not fathom how hot, cold, warm and icy could be described as such! It would not be long before "lukewarm" wiggles in as one of the new ways to enjoy your food. 

Add your milk before you begin! A price tag of S$4.90 might seem steep but the portion would be sufficient for at least two persons.

Furthermore, the crushed ice was well hidden (for a moment, i was under the impression there was no ice) under a generous blanket of ingredients including red beans, yam balls, sweet potato balls, pearls, yam Q and golden sweet potatoes! 

I was gunning for the pieces of yam and sweet potato and expecting to be surprised by their naturally strong yet sweet flavour. Surprise i was although it was more for the fact that they consisted of too much flour! 

The main draw for BlackBall was the grass jelly. Thankfully, it was actually quite good with an elastic pudding like texture that was also not overly laden with sugar!

My next order at BlackBall would definitely be their grass jelly drinks. For desserts, you would have a much better experience with our local desserts in hawker centres. 


1 Vista Exchange Green,
#01-14/15, The Star Vista
[look out for this strange building after exiting Buona Vista MRT station]


"Jiu Fen" Taro Ball Crushed Ice - S$4.50
BlackBall Signature - S$4.90

As above.

Additional Information
Limited seating in the air-conditioned area (i counted only three tables). If you can bear the heat and don't mind the occasional rain, you would have better luck finding seats at the outdoor section. 


  1. Its a welcome relief for the warm weather!

    1. only if it is easier to find seats! haha.


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