Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Use for Casio G-Shock - Fly Eliminator!

All of us are aware that a wrist watch helps us to tell the time and in the modern age, this portable device performs multiple functions; stopwatch, timer, alarm, calculator and even covertly as a spy camera. 

I thought i have seen and heard it all until recently; on my return trip from Malacca to Singapore. We were too early for departure so the Gang of Four decided to while the time away in MacDonald's at Melaka Sentral Terminal.

The world famous fast food restaurant was infested with flies and our dear Alex was suddenly reminded of his favourite past time when he was with the Singapore Navy. He only asked to borrow my Casio G-Shock. 

He quietly took his position, aimed at the irritating target and released his hold of the watch strap at the most opportune time. 


I was aghast at this act of wanton cruelty (the poor fly was totally smashed) yet very surprised that such a common item could be so easily converted into a killing weapon! 

The crime scene, which might include body parts, can be quite hard to stomach. 

But for the sake of convenience to eliminate the irritating flies that kept landing on your food and drinks, you just have to make do with what you have.


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