Wednesday, August 29, 2012

XXL Family Pizza @ Peperoni Pizzeria [Binjai Park, Off Dunearn Road]

I had the intention to mention that Peperoni Pizzeria was part of the Les Amis Group (a one Michelin star restaurant) and blah blah blah but given that i don't really give a hoot about it, i decided to scrap most of it and give you just the bare fact! 

This was a treat by the Great Kon [kam-sa-ham-ni-da] who is forever on the lookout for delicious fare. In fact, Kon contributed the most whenever it comes to food suggestions and recommendations for the Gang of Four outings! 

Calamari Fritti
One look and you would probably guess that this would be different from the deep fried squid rings sold in many other places! 

The thin, buttery yet crispy batter was a perfect shell for the tender and meaty calamari hiding inside. I could not stop soaking them in the special red dip, which would have passed off as a tomato sauce if not for the slightly tingeing sensation on your lips a few seconds later. 

Mozzarella Fasciata Con Prosciutto 
As a meat lover, i could not wait to sink my teeth into what appeared to be a sinfully thick chunk of ham sausage! Alas, it turned out to contain a humongous amount of mozzarella cheese! 

The taste was, to be honest, better than expectation (this coming from a non-cheese lover) even though the dish might have performed better if the cheese were served melting hot.

XXL Pizza [Frutti Di Mare and Pancetta
At 21 inches, this was easily one of the biggest pizzas i have seen in Singapore! As a point of comparison, the largest pizza in PizzaHut is only 13 inches! 

For this family sized pizza, you can select up to two different types [we chose Frutti Di Mare (prawns, clams, scallops, squid rings and fish) and Pancetta (egg, tomatoes and bacon)].

Honestly, i found the pizza to be generally too salty and after taking into consideration my review for Pizzeria Mozza, i reached the sad conclusion that supposedly authentic pizzas are just not my cup of tea! 

Furthermore, i totally detest burnt crust!


7 Binjai Park
[Opposite Maplewoods Condominium]

As above.

Strongly recommended!!
Call 6463-7800

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday : 12noon to 10.30pm
Sunday : 11am to 10.30pm
[Closed on certain public holidays]

Calamari Fritti - S$14
Mozzarella Fasciata - S$18
XXL Pizza - S$50
[Nett - No Service Charge!]

Additional Information
Outdoor seating available!

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