Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Royals Cafe (Grandma's Chocolate & Mee Siam) @ City Square Mall [Singapore]

My department recently celebrated its 80th anniversary and to commemorate the joyous occasion, the Organizing Committee especially ordered a big Halal cake for almost 300 guests! 

The unsurpassed richness of the Grandma's Chocolate cake lingered in my mind since then and i could help sharing it with the Gang of Four when we walked past The Royals Cafe this afternoon. 

Given the Gang's penchant for good food, it was suggested we purchased a slice just to try it out.  And despite having a full lunch at Saboten, it was also decided that we shared a Nonya-style mee siam set! 

*how not to get fat?!?!?!?!*

Grandma's Cake
It was obvious from the stale taste that this had been left outside for far too long; resulting in a harder, drier texture that was so way different from what i had 4 months ago! 

This was an embarrassment since i gave a very high rating for the grandma's chocolate cake. Having said that, i didn't remember my colleague complaining when she collected her order a month ago. So this could have been an isolated incident. 

Mee Siam Set
For S$8.80, we have our choice of coffee/tea/soft drink, a bowl of Royals' signature mee siam and selection of a slice of cake that must cost at most S$2.20 from the menu.

The cottony soft dark chocolate truffle was nicer than the grandma's cake even though it was still pretty much an average fare for typical chocolate cakes. 

I wasn't looking forward to the Nonya-style mee siam although it was published on the menu as recommended by The Sunday Times on 24 January 2010 (yes, they did include the specific date).

All members of the Gang loved the Nonya-style mee siam! So much so that the bowl was passed from one person to another for quite a number of cycles!

The gravy was addictive as mentioned on the menu and both Kon and I thought it was almost like laksa but with a strong hint of peanuts! Yummilicious! 


180 Kitchener Road, 
#02-K17/20, City Square Mall
[above Farrer Park MRT Station]

Grandma's Chocolate - S$5.50
Mee Siam Set - S$8.80
[Subject to Service Charge Only]

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