Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Peanut Ice Kacang @ Jin Jin Hot / Cold Dessert [ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre]

That epic chendol is forever on my to-eat list whenever i visit ABC market - a serious setback for my dieting plan since the hawker centre is famed for quite a number of local dishes and the coconut milk based dessert is god damn unhealthy in the professional opinion of any nutritionist!

Thankfully, Alex decided to order something different from Jin Jin recently and this gave me the opportunity to try out their peanut ice kacang!

In a way, this is merely a simple upgrade from the normal ice kacang with the additional sprinkles of grated peanut bits. However, two factors would make it exceptional; the use of freshly grated peanuts and they must have a texture that is almost (but not yet) powdery.

As you could probably see from the picture, the peanuts were just not grated finely enough. And they had a strong bitter aftertaste that was totally incompatible with the ice kacang! 

I would stick to my sinful chendol in the future.


6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-20,
ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Peanut Ice Kacang - S$1.50

Additional Information
For my post on their power chendol, please click

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