Friday, August 10, 2012

National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 Fun Pack [Goodie Bag] - Let's Check It Out!

Designed by a team of nine students from Temasek Polytechnic, the fun pack for this year's national day parade is definitely one bag i would not mind bringing for my overseas trips!

With four imprinted slogans emphasising the qualities of nationhood (mine was "love is the bond that unites us as one people"), the stylish bag pack is likely based on the useful waterproof bag from Thailand that has been slowly gaining popularity in Singapore.

Unlike the original single-sling waterproof bag, which can be torturing on the shoulder side bearing the full weight, the NDP revised version has provisioned for two shoulder straps!

Guess many of us are more interested in the goodies that went into the bag. Even i could hardly resist not opening the bag immediately once i am comfortably seated within my designated green zone at The Float @ Marina Bay.

There were the usual programme sheet, a book that contained the stories of ten Singapore's pioneers and the songs booklet with lyrics of national songs that i always hum with pride!

Majulah Singapura - Singapore's national anthem. Sadly, not many of us could actually recall the lyrics. Even i have not sung the anthem since secondary school 16 years ago. Thank god for the song sheet!

A postcard. Seriously, how many people would take the trouble and send postcards nowadays?

Discount vouchers booklet! Before you get sarcastic, the deals are frankly not too bad; one for one kopi at Wang, monetary discount to The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, S$4.70 for a Tex Supreme at Texas Chicken etc etc.

The selection of drinks and snacks was much more than what i used to get over ten years ago at the national day parade! There was even a Sunshine-brand sugar butter bun that was bloody snatched away by my starving sister during the parade.

Interactive items play a very important role in the parade, often result in a spectacular visual picture that would otherwise appear dull on television. The festive-looking (hint: Xmas) "Singapore" scarf is one item i am really impressed; those who have caught the parade "live" on television will get what i mean.

Others include the essential Singapore flag (which now stands proudly on my computer table); the LED clappers that could not withstand clapping (one of mine popped barely half an hour into the parade) and the torch for illumination at night (shall elaborate more in my official NDP post).

Lastly, the miscellaneous. A folded fan, a wooden clicker (known as castanets), poncho, tissue paper, tattoo stickers, a snap band and a bandana.

It's a pity i could not afford the time to put on the tattoo during the parade! Nevertheless, i did attempt putting one on when i got home. Shall make another attempt when i attend the national day dinner tomorrow evening!

Most of us would not hesitate to use tissue papers although i doubt many of us would check out the tiny wordings on the cover.

I am damn glad i did; by presenting the tissue paper at any Gim Tim restaurants (, you can get a S$50 discount for every S$150 spent! Valid only for the month of August!

*salivating at the lobster*

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