Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wet Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee (炒福建虾面) @ Sembawang [Fu Chan Food Paradise 富城美食]

When a secondary school classmate, whom i have not met for ages, responded to my Facebook status that i should try out this damn nice fried Hokkien prawn noodles in Sembawang, i was skeptical.

C'mon, the Northern region in Singapore is by right my 'territory' and besides the one in Yishun Central, i have yet to hear of any good stall selling Hokkien mee. Plus, i happen to count this hokkien style noodles as one of my favourite local dishes! 

It took a while of planning before i eventually met up with my classmate, Tang Chee Hoe and his wife. To think about it, i have known him for twenty years!! And he looked as young and as slim as before! 


Anyway, the stall was located within this coffee shop by the name of Fu Chan Food Paradise; a place i passed by countless times on the train and on the numerous occasions i have to send my dad for his religious group prayers. 

When this plate of Hokkien Mee was served on my table, the thought that flashed through my mind was something like "okay, it looked normal with a fragrance that wasn't exactly that potent to whet my appetite". 

But it did have more chu mi fen (known as thick bee hoon) than yellow noodles; a combination that would sit well with my mother who thinks yellow noodles are the most fattening type of noodles. 

It's only upon having a spoonful that i was taken aback; despite the plain outlook, the noodles were enveloped in a rich prawn stock that could only be described as simply, flavourful. 

One likely reason was the high "wet" content of the hokkien mee. For better results, i would recommend that you request for takeaway - this would allow the noodles to fully absorb the broth and make them even better tasting! 

The only ingredient that was lacking?


Block 505, Canberra Link

As above.

S$3.00 for a small plate
S$4.00 for a medium plate
S$5.00 for a big plate
[Chee Hoe actually cleaned up the S$5.00 big plate!!!! How could he remain so thin with such heavy and filling meal at 8pm?!?!?] 


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