Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Driving Offence - Driving without An Off Peak Car (OPC) e-Day License Coupon

My weak heart always misses a beat or two whenever i receive a letter from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in my mailbox; their letters often result in lesser money in my bank account. :(

But nothing sufficiently prepares me for the content of the above LTA envelope.

As the owner of an off peak car (known popularly as red-plate car), i am always very conscious whenever i drive my Toyota Vios; the lack of an electronic day license for weekdays between 7am and 7pm can translate into a fine up to a maximum of S$20,000!

Therefore, you can imagine the look on my face when i read the following statement in caps "DRIVING AN OFF-PEAK CAR WITHOUT A SUPPLEMENTARY LICENCE IN FORCE". Date of Offence: 18 July 2012. Time: 5.48pm.

The first thing i did was to check out my calendar [nothing]; followed by web browsers [history shows activities starting from almost 9pm], corporate email [my last email was at 4.30pm], blog [no entry on that day] and facebook [first comment after lunch was at 9.30pm].

I was flabbergasted since both of us (Alex and myself) have been driving on quite a number of days in July and this particular date was almost two weeks ago! We simply could not remember who drove the car that day!

That's when my EZLink card comes in handy; there's a function in the EZLink top-up machines that logs all journeys you have made on the EZLink card. As i don't take public transport when i am driving my OPC, this function would tell me exactly if i am the driver that day.

Thankfully, I am not.


There will be an update on the currently undisclosed fine.
Do look out for my next post on this unfortunate incident!


  1. Hi

    Can share what is the outcome of this? I also just received this summon...

  2. Hi,

    I just posted an update at http://cavinteo.blogspot.sg/2012/08/outcome-for-appeal-of-driving-offence.html.

    Good luck for your appeal!


  3. I am very impressive to read out your blog information about: driving offences. I wish many people like your blog information.

    Thanks for sharing great post.

  4. Thanks Johnson; i guess many people would find it helpful! :)


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