Monday, July 30, 2012

Famous Yong Xiang Xing Yong Tau Foo (驰名永祥興豆腐) - One Size Fits All @ People's Park Food Centre [Chinatown]

I have always recommended that should you be stuck in a local hawker centre without any idea on what to have, it's best to go with the stall that has the longest queue!

That same advice should have been used whenever i visit People's Park food centre but i never did have the chance to do so. Singapore's Chinatown area, with three huge hawker centers within walking distance, is simply put; overflowing with good food and my usual problem is not knowing where to start from!

Yong Xiang Xing Yong Tau Foo (永祥興豆腐) - a stall that has remained in the same location for as long as the Great Kon remembers and counts as his favourite place to dig into a soupy bowl of yong tau foo!

The queue is legendary and i counted around 40 persons queuing just to make a simple order [there is only one standard item on the menu (nothing more, nothing less) and ordering only involves telling the uncle how many 'sets' you want]!

Good thing about the long queue is that the food was delivered to you in mere minutes after you order. Guess it is a strategy adopted by the stall owners to ensure that customers don't go missing.

One look at the bowl of soup and it reminded me so much of another yong tau foo stall located in the same hawker centre; Poy Kee. However, unlike Poy Kee and other similar stalls, Yong Xiang Xing doesn't serve any noodles or rice. Definitely the right food for people aiming to lose weight (like myself)!

Contrary to some bloggers' review, i found the clear broth to lack the flavour savouriness i personally enjoy even though i presume that the older generation would likely prefer the blander taste.

Ingredients wise, i was more impressed with the handmade fishballs than two other beancurd products and to be absolutely honest, these handmade ingredients were necessary to provide a nice savoury touch to the soup.

If you ask me to pick one ingredient i absolutely love from this bowl of yong tau foo, it has to be this beancurd skin thingy (which in my opinion is entirely different from those white, almost tasteless beancurd)! I can easily finish half a dozen of those "skins"!

Poy Kee versus Yong Xiang Xing?
I cast my vote for.... Poy Kee.


101 Upper Cross Street,
#01-1084, People's Park Food Centre

Standard Set - S$3.50


  1. I like too. But just tt their soup is on the saltly end.

  2. hahha, i prefer poy kee leh. actually, i found the soup was just not salty enough. :P

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    what time it is open?

    1. According to Burpple, from 1pm to 5pm! :)