Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thai The Dine-In [Thai To Go Restaurant Outfit] @ Sembawang Cottage along Sembawang Road (Near Chong Pang)

I rarely dine at restaurants in Singapore that serve Thai cuisine after visiting Bangkok where authentic Thai food can be have had for less than S$2 a dish.

Thai [The Dine-In] is slightly different - it came recommended by a friend [Karen] who wrote an impressive blog entry on Thai To Go, the delivery branch of Thai The Dine-In.

Simple decor with splashes of cheerful colours to lighten up the stressed up souls in many of us, the newly-open restaurant seemed to attract more customers than its neighbours within Sembawang Cottage.

Such a turnout is always assuring for the irritating skepticism in me.

Lemon Grass Drink
As refreshing and as thirst quenching as most lemongrass drinks i had so far. I should seriously consider having a lemongrass plant in my house so that i can concoct my own drink anytime!

Sliced Fish [marinated with Special Thai Sauce and Herbs]
I found this to be really normal and my passive taste buds faced incredible hurdles in trying to understand what these special Thai sauce and herbs are.

My mom can whip up a similar dish with plain soy sauce and oyster sauce. As you can probably guess by now, my mom (a pretty fantastic cook herself) is a yardstick i frequently used to measure and compare outside food.

Saucy Braised Tofu [with Seafood]
Definitely a savoury dish you would enjoy with a bowl of plain white rice! And don't worry about the vegetables as they appeared green (instead of yellow in some restaurants) and had a nice crunch to them.

Crispy Chicken [in Tangy Lemon Sauce]
Crispy - check. Crunchy - check. Meaty - check. Lemony Sauce - Check. The aforementioned are my basic criteria in assessing this Thai dish. Problem is; the four criterions are not that hard to meet.

In order to stand out from its Thai cuisine competitors, there is a need to differentiate (boy, i still remember my marketing lessons in polytechnic) and the company can start by re-looking into recipe of the tangy lemon sauce.

Stir Fried Glass Noodles [with Seafood]
To start the ball rolling, let's touch on the pieces of squid. They were cooked to perfection and the texture was almost like fish-cake with a squiggly bounce to them.

With strong emphasis on garlic and peppercorns (likely include some special sauce as well), the heavily fried glass noodles were amazingly flavourful and i could not get enough of them!


I am definitely anticipating my next visit - shall try out the Pad Thai then! Would it be as heavenly as the epic one i had in Krabi? Let's find out soon!

369 Sembawang Road,
#01-05, Sembawang Cottage

Lemon Grass Drink - S$2
Sliced Fish - S$9.50
Saucy Braised Tofu - S$6.50
Crispy Chicken - S$8.50
Stir Fried Glass Noodles S$6.50
[NO GST. NO Service Charge]

Additional Information
Free on weekdays afternoon? Choose from four different value sets at only S$8.90 each!

Prefer to order ala carte from the menu? Click the above picture for a better look!

For the catering branch of Thai The Dine-In, 
please visit

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