Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lorong Halus Bridge at Night

This is in addition to my post on the Lorong Halus pedestrian bridge (daytime). I recently brought my cousin, who has no idea what it is, for a visit at sunset.

The period when light gives way to darkness is truthfully a great time for photography and my Photoshop trainer even mentioned that the worst time to take pictures is surprisingly at noon, when sunlight is at its maximum power.

I bet the designer for this connector got his inspiration from spider webs.

Contrasting natural lights and strong electrical lights from the golf range at Punggol. If the lights are as bright from the flats, i can imagine the number of complaint letters sent to the Housing Development Board (HDB).

Darkness had fallen!

As expected, there are way more visitors at night. The one thing i could not stand is the reckless riding by cyclists; they are supposed to dismount and push! Some of them can be seen racing!

No sympathy for such inconsiderate people; may they have a bad fall.


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