Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Viewing Tower (aka Seletar or Rocket Tower) @ Upper Seletar Reservoir

This is going to be a damn short post as i did mention this iconic tower before (you may refer to my post here).

And my reason for posting it again as a subject is because of some old, ancient photographs i dragged out from my family photo albums recently!

The tower in its heyday was popular with my extended family due its close proximity to our village (kampong) at Old Nee Soon.

Here, you can see a picture taken over 30 years ago of my handsome dad in front of the grayish-red tower. Gosh, he was wearing bell bottoms (it was in vogue then)! Note that the terrain surrounding the tower has changed drastically since then.

I do not recognise the toddlers in the pictures although it's much easier with the adults. From left to right - my third aunt (san gu), my late grandma, my second aunt (er gu), my mom and the wife of my dad's eldest brother (ah mm).

With so many pictures taken by my father in his youth (apparently, i inherited his love for photography), these yellowish, fading pictures are getting to be really precious in my opinion as they serve as memorable childhood moments.

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