Sunday, July 03, 2011

Set Lunch (Full Board Package) @ Wangi Melati Cafe (Batam View Beach Resort)

Earlier this morning, i posted an entry on my latest overseas trip to Batam; an island that is merely an hour away from mainland Singapore.

A complimentary lunch was thrown in for our full board package! Meals can be expensive in resorts that cater mostly to Singaporeans and i would not want to face a bill amounting to a few hundred dollars for a single meal.

There are quite a few restaurants in Batam View beach resort and the complimentary meal vouchers can vary from buffets to set meals according to the availability (and i guess to a certain extent, the mood of the receptionist. haha).

Our lunch vouchers were accorded to Wangi Melati Cafe and without further ado, let's start on food now!

Tuna Salad
Pretty presentation that wowed both Alex and I as we were expecting a mish-mash of vegetables and maybe a few teaspoons of tuna.

The goodness stopped at the display. The taste was not impressive and to tell you the truth, i could do a better rendition using cold, crunchy cucumbers.

Onion Soup
This was way too watery and lacked the essential pungent onion flavouring. The taste was slightly more savoury with a bit of stirring but it didn't make my cut of a good bowl of onion soup.

Mee Goreng
Due to the anxiety in meeting our shuttle bus schedule, this was a special order as the western main courses will take too long to prepare! The mee goreng was chosen as Indonesian's version is so different from Singapore and Malaysia.

Good news and bad news. Good news - it was yummy and dripping of fresh ingredients! Bad news - Indonesian mee goreng is sweeter yet this plate here tasted more like a very good mee goreng from the lion city.

Chocolate Brownie
Alex's verdict - Damn delicious!

For me, it was sinfully sweet like any good piece of chocolate cake. And i prefer to rate it against a cake because i don't find much similarity to the brownies i am accustomed to.

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